Colour Charts Wood coatings - Classic e Sil-Uv

Wood coatings - Classic e Sil-Uv

Classic e Sil-Uv

ATTENTION! Colours and hues contained on the website shall be considered as purely indicative. Please, refer to your Linvea dealer for further details or information.

16 ready for use hues, carefully selected for applications on wood both outdoor and indoor. Colour your wood with the special Linvea products: Sil-UV Protection and Classic. Sil-UV Protection is a satin, wax-finish for wood, with acrylic resins in solvent, highly resistant to UV rays. Classic is a transparent or coloured solvent-based impregnating and topcoat. With more than one coat or used as a top coat on an Imprex priming the transparent colourless solvent-based impregnating is resistant to weathering agents.

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