Our origins

Our history dates back to the early fifties when, in 1952, Ferdinando Gargiulo founded a company in Naples, in the Poggioreale district, named from the acronym "LIVA" [laboratorio – industria - vernici - affini - ( lab – industry – coatings – similar products )] . Those were indeed exciting times marked by the post-war reconstruction and the Italian economic boom. As the company expanded the requirements of new areas, equipment and appropriate production facilities had to be met. As a result, in 1958, LIVA relocated to the present plant of Casoria and was renamed "LINVEA" (laboratorio industria napoletana vernici e affini), where N stands for Neapolitan. Thanks to its founder’s dogged perseverance and soundness as well as to the positive boost given by the favorable historical period also known as the Italian Miracle, LINVEA rapidly became a landmark in the Italian industry of coatings for buildings.

Our history

In the 70s, LINVEA was taken over by a foreign multinational, a leading company in the European chemical industry which was already operating on the Italian market of coatings, through different brands. This highly prestigious experience lasted 30 years and was characterized by great achievements as well as technological and professional progress. Then, in the year 2000, LINVEA resumed its origins with a new Italian ownership. And it is precisely thanks to the Italian owner’s skills, experience and dedication to work that the company’s image was bolstered and that the quality of its marketed products is now well appreciated worldwide even by all the stakeholders.


Over the years, LINVEA has undergone many significant changes: transfers of property, mergers, acquisitions, generation handovers in every business area. Nevertheless, the business has kept on thriving, being spurred by a strong “passion” instilled from generation to generation and shared by all the company’s employees who pass down their acquired skills and passion often to their own children. We are a reliable partner for both retailers and professional applicators, whereas architects and private customers consider us as a point of reference when it comes to coatings in the “Italian style”.

Team spirit

Team spirit and performance orientation are an integral part of our business culture. Our organization is coordinated by a Management Committee for planning and managerial control, and the managing directors are in charge of operational activities. The peaceful dialogue with union representatives within the company reflects our good working relationships inspired by a sound “Team Spirit”. The relations with our customers are always friendly and extremely collaborative; our teamwork rests on fairness and compliance with any rule and agreement. For its best customers, LINVEA organizes business trips to different world destinations aimed at sharing some business ideas and celebrating the great LINVEA «family» to which we all belong.

The company uses sector-specific IT systems. Integrated Management Software for managing sales, product specifications, supplies, production, quality control, shipments, invoicing and customer payments. Business intelligence for managing reports on activity monitoring. Mobile workstations for sale agents so that they can put customer orders on the internet in real time. A web site for online information in support of sales especially intended to access both technical and safety data sheets. An infrared radiation sensitive thermographic camera able to obtain thermographic images or shootings. The camera allows us to operate onsite and examine the different layers of the surface to be varnished without pickaxing and mounting scaffolds. Furthermore, it allows us to write a detailed report on the surface state and the relevant technical interventions.

Quality Control involves all the aspects and sectors of the company related to development, improvement and quality keeping, through periodic reviews, such as: - planning of the quality system management (audits, preventive and corrective actions) - design control - supplier qualification - customer satisfaction monitoring and handling of complaints through a satisfaction survey allowing to identify customers' needs so as to meet their requirements. - control of products and services - handling of returns monitoring of all in-house processes

Our main objectives include the making of environmentally-friendly products, being more and more performing from a technological point of view and oriented towards constant “Research & Development”. The lines of products are complying with European REACH, DECORPAINT (VOC), GHS regulations and we are increasingly making water-based products. We are sure that developing environmentally-friendly products is part of a broader idea of «living in harmony with the environment» that we have followed, since 1958, always working with enthusiasm and resourcefulness. These have always been our characteristics and the same will be for the future. We are ISO 14001 certified.