Colour Charts Decorative surfacing products - Ego Silk

Decorative surfacing products - Ego Silk

Ego Silk

ATTENTION! Colours and hues contained on the website shall be considered as purely indicative. Please, refer to your Linvea dealer for further details or information.

Have a look at the prestigious collection including 85 Ego Silk colours, a decoration top coat for indoor use with silk effect by Linvea and get inspired with what you were looking for. Ego Silk is an acrylic resin-based in water dispersion decoration product with special mica-based pigments. It can be used on duly pre-treated walls, wood, plastics, galvanised steel sheet and iron. Oriental charm, tradition and Italian technology. Ego Silk is the result of a combination of all the three. A decoration silk effect top coat for indoor use, created by Linvea to bring in your homes the typical exotic taste of the Eastern world atmospheres. Ego Silk will reveal you the brilliance of "oriental pearls" thanks to its special mica-based pigments; You will discover the magic of the colours existing along the "Silk road", expressly gathered into a caleidoscopic selection of chart hues that, if freely mixed, will give birth to an endless range of nuances with a unique and unparalleled fascination. Ego Silk: precious like silk, unique like you.

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