Colour Charts Outdoor spaces coating - Colours for outdoor use

Outdoor spaces coating - Colours for outdoor use

Colours for outdoor use

ATTENTION! Colours and hues contained on the website shall be considered as purely indicative. Please, refer to your Linvea dealer for further details or information.

Linvea ultimate collection can inspire your applications on outdoor walls thanks to a careful selection of 201 hues. 12 products with unique features and a wide colour range: - Avenil and Color Print Acrylic, acrylic cycle with satin finish - Siloxan-Top and Siloxan Farbe, siloxane cycle - Siloxan Facade, acrylic-siloxane quarz-based fine grain top coat - Ancoral PLS, pliolite cycle - Super Quarzolin Golden seal and Super Quarzolin Golden seal Mat, acrylic quarz powder-based cycle - Super Quarzo Sigillo Oro Putz, rustic finish coating, granulated from 1.2 mm - Plastolin and Linplast, acrylic cycle K-Sil, potassium silicate cycle

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