Colour Charts Decorative surfacing products - Ego Veil

Decorative surfacing products - Ego Veil

Ego Veil

ATTENTION! Colours and hues contained on the website shall be considered as purely indicative. Please, refer to your Linvea dealer for further details or information.

The Ego Veil collection in 30 delicate colours. Ego Veil is a coloured semi-transparent siloxane veil to reproduce decoration effects both indoor and outdoor. Innovating while preserving traditions. The research of Linvea labs has led to Ego Veil, an acrylic-siloxane veil for indoor and outdoor use, with outstanding water-repellent power and breathability. Thanks to its soft nuances Ego Veil is able to evoke the magic of ancient painting techniques that have always been featuring the buildings and residences of our beautiful art cities, thus allowing to re-discover techniques and decorative traditions typical of Italian XVIII century.

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